The General Assembly comprising all national members of the corporation is the supreme body of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences determines directions of the Academy’s activities and supervises their execution, making decisions binding for the other bodies of the Academy. The chairman of the General Assembly is the President of the Academy. 


Members of the Polish Academy of Sciences (table)

Divisions  National members   Foreign members  
 total   ordinary   corresponding  

Division I:
Humanities and Social Sciences

49 26 23 27

Division II:
Biological and Agricultural Sciences

69 35 34 44

Division III:
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

89 51 38 51 

Division IV:
Engineering Sciences

71 39 32 37 

Division V:
Medical Sciences

38 19 19 25
 Total 316 170 146 184 

As at 14th March 2016