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International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines, PAS


Name: International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines, PAS

Address: Banacha 2C, 02-097, Warsaw, Poland




The International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines (IMol), is the newly established research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, operating in a partnership with the Medical University Center of Göettingen, Germany. IMol is dedicated to basic scientific research, training, and research and development activities in biological, chemical, medical, biotechnological, pharmacological, and related sciences.

The institute’s establishment was possible due to the agreement between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Medical University Center of Göttingen and the agreement between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Warsaw. The Medical University Center of Göttingen participates in the Institute’s Scientific Council’s works, composed of the world’s leading scientists, including a Nobel Prize laureate, prof. Phillip A. Sharp. IMol will continue the project “Regenerative Mechanisms for Health” – ReMedy, established within the Foundation for Polish Science program “International Research Agendas” (IRAP).

ReMedy’s activities are focused on research on regenerative mechanisms at the molecular level, including concern the understanding of the mechanisms of cells’ response to disorders caused by environmental or aging factors.


biological and biomedical sciences

Fields of activity:

Basic research with applications to biomedical applications, involving:

  • Molecular cell biology, cellular protein biogenesis, transport and degradation of proteins, mitochondria
  • Molecular genetics – mechanistic analysis of pre-mRNA splicing,
  • Structural cell biology – understanding the architecture of eukaryotic cells at the molecular level in health and disease
  • Cancer biology – oncogenetic signaling,
  • other – IMol is recruiting new group leaders, also within the ReMedy Program

Latest achievements:

The unit implementing the International Research Agenda Programme (IRAP) called ReMedy, headed by profs. Chacińska and Konarska, was established in 2017 at the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw (CeNT UW). The Foundation for Polish Science funds the program; almost PLN 40 millions has been allocated to the operation and development of the Agenda.

The ReMedy project was transferred from CeNT UW to IMol on 1st August 2021. In addition, ReMedy scientists who will transfer to IMol, have secured funding from several other grants, including two EMBO Installation Grants. Research carried out within ReMedy was recognized by the 2020 Jakub Karol Parnas Award of the Polish Biochemical Society, for the publication by Eysmont et al, Mol. Cell (2019). Independently, research on mitochondrial protein transport and degradation led to a new therapeutic strategy for mitochondrial diseases, currently being patented.

Research Facilities:   

Proteomics Core Facility - Mass-spectrometer; Exactive HFX, with the ReMedy top expert technical support,

Cryo-EM at CeNT UW - we have access to an in-house 200 kV Thermo Fisher Glacios electron cryomicroscope equipped with a Falcon 3EC direct electron detector and a phase plate.

In addition, we have access to other core facilities at CeNT UW and other PAS institute in the Ochota campus, including NGS sequencing, FACS sorters and analyzers, and confocal microscopes.

Contact person (Institute):
Prof. Magda Konarska
Deputy Director for Science

Contact person (The PASIFIC Navigator):
Dr. Michał Wrzesinski
Head of the Research Support Office
Phone number: +48 22 3896190