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Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, PAS


Name: Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, PAS

Address: ul. Pawińskiego 5, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland



Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences (MMRC PAS) is unique in bridging basic science in the field of medical biology and clinical medicine. It is an ideal place of choice for medical researchers who would like to develop scientific concepts under conditions of support and cooperation from the institute’s research community and administration, and then test their hypotheses using experiments in vitro and  ex vivo, preclinical tests on animal models and, ultimately, clinical trials. Thus, MMRC PAS offers comprehensive solutions and stimulating environment for tackling key problems of contemporary medicine. We are strongly focused on practical applications of the institute’s scientific achievements and discoveries, hence collaborations with biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries are encouraged and fostered. 

Disciplines: medical biology, medicine, medical sciences

Fields of activity

  • Cell therapy in regenerative medicine – research, preclinical and clinical approach;
  • Neurophysiology, neurochemistry and neuropathology;
  • Aging – research and clinical approach;
  • Applied physiology and clinical pathophysiology;
  • Rare diseases (neurodegenerative and neuro-muscular);
  • Experimental pharmacology ;
  • Oncology research using multiomics approach;
  • Biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Latest achievements: 

In 2019, the institute’s staff published over 160 publications in the ISI Master Journal List magazines, scored up to 5800 citations and carried out 76 ongoing research grants. The institute is internationally recognized by participation in several international science networks and 11 scientific consortia. Break through achievements include translational studies using stem cells for regenerative medicine and experimental ophthalmology studies on ocular drug delivery systems, basic studies using multi-omics map of the major oncogene function in cancer, as well as neurodevelopmental studies using human cerebral organoids. Our researchers received numerous national and international awards, honors and scholarships. Scientific titles have been awarded to 5 professorships, 3 post-doctoral and 6 doctoral degrees. Our patent portfolio encompasses 56 patent applications, including 22 national and 9 international patent applications. 

Research facilities:

  • 24 research and 3 clinical departments;
  • 5 environmental laboratories (core facilities) including Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory and Laboratory of Laser Techniques Advanced Microscopy, offering an open access for both internal and external users;
  • 3500 m2 state-of-the-art, air-conditioned animal house (one of the most modern establishments of its kind in Europe), equipped with operating block with 6 operating rooms;
  • 2 platforms for applied medicine (Translational Platform for Regenerative Medicine with tissue bank and GMP facility, Rare Disease Platform with biological material repository).

Contact person:

Professor Monika Puzianowska-Kuźnicka
Deputy Director for Scientific Research 
(+48 22) 60 86 591