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Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, PAS


Name: Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, PAS

Address: ul. Weigla 12, 53-114 Wrocław, Poland



The Hirszfeld Institute was founded in 1952 by the PAS. The main founder and the first director of the Institute was Professor Ludwik Hirszfeld, famous Polish immunologist and microbiologist. In recent years fundamental works on immunology concerned lymphocyte selection in the thymus and studies of mechanisms of immune tolerance were done by Professor Paweł Kisielow and his followers. Professor Andrzej Gorski developed worldwide recognized Phage Therapy Unit dedicated to experimental human therapy of MDR infections. The overall strategy of the Institute is creation a vivid intellectual environment and modern research infrastructure to perform an excellent research measured by publication in highly impacted journals, conducting interdisciplinary collaborations and holding translational studies for mutual benefits of our academic activity and the industry partners (Neolek lab). The Institute is ranked with grade A (very good), according national parametric assessment for years 2014-2016. It has highly qualified academic staff dedicated to research activity and creation of the optimal environment for professional development. We participate in ERASMUS+ program. The Institute hosts Polish Collection of Microorganisms (PCM) that stores around 3000 strains of bacteria and 300 bacteriophages registered in the WFCC and ECCO with IDA certificate granted by World Intellectual Property Organization. Certified Medical Center dedicated to experimental phage therapy in humans, transplantology, and immunogenetics sharing an expertise in with EU countries.

Disciplines: biology, medicine

Fields of activity

  • immunology, clinical immunology, immunogenetics, tumor immunology, reproductive immunology, immunopharmacology, immunobiology, immunochemistry, vaccines;
  • experimental oncology, experimental anticancer therapy;
  • microbiology, medical microbiology, virology;
  • phage therapy, bacteriophages;

Latest achievements:

  • World-recognized implementation of bacteriophages as experimental therapy in human (Phage Therapy Unit): combating infections, evolving from merely a treatment of complications to targeting diseases;
  • Immunogenetic studies in transplantation, identifying new markers associated with predisposition to diseases, prognostic factors of disease progression and predictors of response to treatment;
  • achievements in biology of bacteriophages and their interactions with human immunity: identification of active molecular epitopes;
  • development of neoglycoconjugates of pathogenic bacteria, probiotics and actinomycetes for diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines development;
  • high impact of NeoLek – Integrated Laboratory of Experimental Oncology and Innovative Technologies in the field on R&D in experimental oncology;
  • PAS Hirszfeld Institute is engaged in the fight against COVID-19 running independent diagnostic laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Research facilities:

21 research laboratories; Medical Center, Polish Collection of Microorganisms with the status of International Depositary Authority (IDA); animal facility, laboratories of NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, TEM and SEM microscopy, flow cytometry; NeoLek laboratory with GLP certificate; interdisciplinary doctoral school.

Contact person:

Professor Jolanta Lukasiewicz
Research Director
(+48 71) 337 21 71 ext. 354