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Institute of Computer Science, PAS


Name: Institute of Computer Science, PAS

Address: ul. Jana Kazimierza 5, 01-248 Warsaw, Poland



IPI PAN is a leading Polish national centre of research in Computer Science focused on the fundamental and applied research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems.

We maintain and reinforce basic research in mathematical, logical and information theory foundations of Computer Science, e.g. logics, graphs theory, cryptology, Shannon and algorithmic information theory, parallel and distributed systems.

 The  Linguistic Engineering Group (LEG) of the AI Department is specializing in natural language processing, linguistic tools and resources. The areas of its interest are: syntactic parsing of Polish, automatic extraction of structured data from domain texts, acquisition of linguistic knowledge from corpus data, named entity recognition, semantic processing of texts, word sense disambiguation, coreference resolution and sentiment analysis. Within the last 5 years, the group has been involved in several European projects and infrastructures as well as several national and bilateral cooperation projects.

The research of several groups balances development of new data mining methods and their formal justification with much needed practical applications of AI.  They include, among others, big and high-dimensional data analysis, uplift modelling, probabilistic modelling of natural languages, knowledge discovery engineering,  analysis of social networks,  building of semantic search engine for Polish internet resources, design and cryptanalysis of cryptographic algorithms including an intersection of deep learning and security, creation of resources for biomedical research,  and discovering functions of non-coding DNA regions and thus detect regulatory disorders that may result in abnormalities in biological pathways.

Disciplines: information and communication technology, linguistics, computer and information sciences

Fields of activity:

  • Mathematical and logical foundations of computer science;
  • Automated verification;
  • Distributed systems, multi-agent systems;
  • Parallel and distributed architectures and algorithms;
  • Cryptology, security systems, electronic voting;
  • Logic programming;
  • Statistical data analysis and modeling, including uplift modeling, analysis of dependent and temporal data as well as model selection for high dimensional problems;
  • Models of language production inspired by information and coding theory;
  • Multiple aspects of Natural Language Processing, such as deep syntactic parsing of Polish, semantic processing of texts, corpus linguistics, information extraction, distributional semantics, sentiment analysis;
  • Internet semantic search engines, Web mining and text analytics for huge text collections;
  • Methods and Software tools for understanding data from diverse fields, in particular bioinformatics.

Latest achievements:

Our researchers published many scientific articles in internationally renowned journals and top information science and computational linguistics conferences.  We  successfully realize  many national  and international projects, both strictly scientific and more commercial ones. Some language tools and resources developed here were included in the well-known international platform spaCy. Lately, our researchers have contributed to the recent breakthrough in formal verification of multi-agent systems. We proposed novel algorithms for model checking of strategic properties, as well as techniques for model reduction and abstraction. We also applied the new techniques in practice, to modeling and verification of security in electronic voting protocols.

Research facilities: computer labs/library 

Contact person:

Professor Wojciech Penczek
Director of the Institute
(+48 22) 380 05 02