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Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, PAS


Name: Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, PAS

Address: ul. Fiszera 14, 80-231 Gdańsk, Poland



For over 60 years Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery has been carrying out fundamental and applied research in the area of principles of operation, design, construction and development of machinery for energy conversion in flows. During the last few years we have started to build a new scientific expertise – the small scale distributed power engineering based on renewable energy sources, especially home cogeneration power plants. We work on cutting-edge technology related to microturbines, structure health monitoring, boilers, conversion of biogas, and solar energy storage. More than 100 our researchers carry out European and Polish R&D grants and regularly publish scientific articles in the leading international journals. Furthermore, the Institute offers its services in the area of practical engineering application.

Our two Ph. D. schools are the place for open-minded talented students, who led by the renowned experts, can develop their knowledge in the creative environment.

Disciplines: mechanical engineering

Fields of activity

  • energy conversion in flows;
  • distributed small scale heat & power generation based on renewable energy sources;
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology, energy storage, water turbines, plus energy technologies for private buildings;
  • structure health monitoring, smart structures, new materials;
  • photovoltaics;
  • diagnostics of steam turbines computer analysis, vibrations, rotor dynamics, model-based diagnostics, expert systems);
  • high-temperature gasification and gas/syngas cogeneration;
  • plasma and laser engineering;
  • nanomaterials;
  • small scale hydropower plants.

Latest achievements:

 Our most remarkable achievements in recent years include small scale turbines, micro CHP (combined heat & power), non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring methods, nanomaterials investigation. Results of these research are being published every year in over 100 scientific articles in internationally renowned journals, and several of them are patented. Our scientists are appreciated and awarded by Polish and international organizations and institutions.

Research facilities:

  • Polish Academy of Sciences Research Centre in Jabłonna Energy Conversion and Renewable Resources, Eco-Energy Laboratory;
  • Turbine Technology Laboratory;
  • Hydropower Laboratory;
  • Structure Health Monitoring Laboratory;
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory.

Contact person:

Professor Marcin Lackowski
Research Director
(+48 58) 522 51 28