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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, PAS

 Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology

Name: Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, PAS

Address: Al. Solidarności 105, 00-140 Warsaw, Poland



Since 1953 the Institute of  Archaeology and Ethnology PAS belongs to the leading scientific units in Poland dealing with archaeology, ethnology and history of material culture. Employees of the Institute carry out research on the human past beginning with the oldest Stone Age , through the Middle Ages, to the times of the 2nd World War. The Institute does research not only in Poland but also in Siberia, India, Spain and even in Egypt and Sudan. Our scientists lead projects on the highest world level applying the latest  technical achievements and boldly combining the humanities with the results of laboratory analyses. In our works we lay emphasis on combining various scientific disciplines in order to see the past in a possibly most complex way.

Disciplines: archaeology, history, ethnology

Fields of activity:

Archaeology:  Prehistory, Ancient Greece, Roman Period, Middle Ages, modern time archaeology, public archaeology, paleobotany, archaeozoology,  numismatics

History of material culture: settlement studies, material living conditions,

Ethnology:  ethnicity, religious studies, folklore, post-socialism, visual studies, performance, cultural anthropology, refugee studies,

Latest achievements:

The Institute implements several dozens of national and international research grants, edits 10 highly scored scientific journals and many book series and monographs. Field research is carried out among others in places like Chodlik, Wilczyce, Orońsko, Korczew  or Chojnice. As part of the ongoing work the Institute cooperates not only with other scientific units in Poland  and all over the world but also with museums, local administration, conservation offices and the media.

Presently, with great success we do research, among others, on prehistoric flint mining, settlement of the Neolithic, the oldest Polish coins, historical atlas of Polish towns,  Greek settlement in Crimea, but also on the situation of the refugees in Poland, image of a “stranger” or a phenomenon known as “historical reconstruction”. 

Research facilities:

The Institute disposes over research facilities in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Łódź. In particular: main library, archives and bio- and archaeometric laboratory in Warsaw and small thematic libraries in each of the other departments.

Contact person:

Dr. Beata Kita
Secretary of Director Office
(+48 22) 620 28 81