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PAS musicologist elected to Academia Europaea

Professor Paweł Gancarczyk from the PAS Institute of Art has been elected a new member of the prestigious scientific organization – Academia Europaea. This creates a good opportunity for world-wide promotion of Polish musicological research.


“I consider my appointment an expression of trust shown by musicology and art history researchers. They voted for my membership in Academia Europaea, which proves that my international activity is noticed” said Prof. Gancarczyk.

The distinguished researcher is Head of Department of Musicology at the PAS Institute of Art. He is also editor-in-chief of the quarterly Muzyka [Music] and the series Ikonografia Muzyczna. Studia i Materiały [Musical Iconography. Studies and Materials]. He is the vice-chairman of the Scientific Council of the PAS Institute of Art and the vice-chairman of the PAS Committee on Art Studies.

Institute’s activities

The Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences, is an inter-disciplinary research institution whose responsibilities include researching and documenting Polish art and art-related culture, in the fields of fine arts and architecture, music, theatre, film, and audiovisual art.

The Institute holds the largest collection of archival materials in Poland and one of the most extensive in Europe, and aspires to become a European leader in the digitization of archival material (in particular, sound recordings, photographs and architectural plans).

About Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea, established in 1988 on the initiative of the Royal Society, brings together outstanding researchers from all disciplines, experts and leaders in their own subject areas, including Nobel Prize laureates. It provides independent and impartial advice on scientific matters to European institutions, governments and international agencies.

Source of information: PAS Institute of Art

Photo by Andrzej Stawiński