In terms of publishing activity, the Academy ensures the continual publication of the most important research journals and series within each given specialization, as well as scientifically sound, high-calibre publications documenting the activity of the PAS research communities. Various PAS series and periodicals, published in English and foreign languages, have a scientific and/or popular-scientific profile, highlighting the links between science and economic processes, illustrating current trends in international cooperation, supplying full information about all the Academy’s fields of activity, and also promoting the Academy’s image.
The research institutes, scientific committees, task-force committees, and territorial branches of the Academy publish a grand total of about 600 books and periodical volumes per year in print form and also accessible electronically. Many of them are available in open-access on our website.

Some of publications are issued by the Chancellery of the Academy on an ongoing basis, including:

  1. Directory - an illustrated scientific guide to the Polish Academy of Sciences in English presenting basic information about the structure of the Academy’s Authorities. It is published every four years, once for every term of office of the Academy’s authorities.
  2. Annual Report – a publication in English presenting the most significant scientific achievements, events and selected statistics from the given reporting period
  3. PAS - Informational folder ed. 2017, ed. 2016, ed. 2012
  4. Academia - the Magazine of the Polish Academy of Sciences (in English and Polish versions)
  5. Members of the PAS - informational guidebooks on members of the Academy, published every four years (in Polish)
  6. Nauka (Science) - a quarterly devoted to the problems of the Polish scientific community (in Polish)
  7. Sprawozdanie PAN (Report of the Polish Academy of Sciences) – an annual report prepared by the Academy’s divisions and the Chancellery. It contains current information about the Polish Academy of Sciences, its achievements and research capacities of the scientific community (in Polish)

Moreover some books and folders were published marking special occasions as Traditions, Modernity, Future: Anniversary Reflections 1952-2012 issued in connection with the 60th anniversary of the Academy’s inception editions.