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Institute of Human Genetics, PAS


Name: Institute of Human Genetics, PAS

Address: ul. Strzeszyńska 32, 60-479 Poznań, Poland



In its long history, the Institute of Human Genetics PAS has achieved the position of a key Polish research authority in the field of human genetics. Currently, the broad scientific expertise of the institute is focused on research aimed at learning the functions of the genome, transcriptome and epigenome, and explaining the molecular basis of genetic diseases. Our scientists are dedicated to science, achieving excellent results both nationally and internationally. As a HR Excellence in Research award holder the institute creates a friendly environment for young talented scientists, enabling their professional and personal development by working in passionate and committed research groups, attending numerous seminars and conferences, by supporting their participation in research projects. The goal in all Institute’s activities is high quality research and scientific excellence.

Disciplines: medical sciences, medical biology

Fields of activity:

  • molecular, cytogenetic and epidemiological basis of rare genetic diseases;
  • molecular and genetic aspects of cancer and autoimmune diseases;
  • studies on the structure and function of nucleic acids;
  • molecular pathophysiology of reproduction and the role of stem cells in organ regeneration;
  • genetic aspects of cancer susceptibility.

Latest achievements:

We are proud that during the crisis caused by the COVID - 19 pandemic, the institute vigorously joined the fight against this threat by establishing a special diagnostic laboratory and thus supporting regional and national authorities and communities.

Research facilities:

research labs, COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab, Department of Genetic Engineering, Animal Repository with unique animal models, fully equipped operating room for small animals with the possibility of molecular imaging etc.

Contact person:

Professor Małgorzata Dawidowska
Head of the Young Scientists Council
(+48 61) 65 79 158