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Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAS


Name: Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAS

Address: ul. Adolfa Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warsaw, Poland



Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki Polskiej Akademii Nauk (IPPT PAN) is the largest institute in the Department IV of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

IPPT PAN is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, in its own modern building housing well-equipped laboratories. The Institute is situated in one of scientific campuses where over 20 research institutes, university faculties and innovation companies have been active.

IPPT PAN, established in January 1953, has been taking advantage of and building its presence and future on two complementary pillars: the richness of its history and tradition and its openness and curiosity-driven forward-looking approach to responding to the world's science and technology challenges.

IPPT PAN has very active scientific collaboration with partners from over 40 countries (both EU and outside EU), resulting in significant research results and joint publications, many of them published in leading international journals.

Since 1968 IPPT PAN has been educating PhD students in its PhD schools, conferring since then PhD degrees to close to 800 successful students coming from Poland and abroad.

The Institute creates favourable, inspiring conditions for scientific work, attracting young and experienced researchers from Poland and abroad. Its achievements, openness and science-oriented environment have been recognised with many awards, including an outstanding scientific category A+ in Poland, conferred by the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education in regularly organised national competitive evaluation processes, the prize for the best PhD school, granted by the Polish PhD students’ community and the Human Resources Excellence in Research award, conferred by the European Commission. To learn more, please, visit our website.


  • mechanical engineering,
  • material engineering,
  • information technologies and telecommunications,
  • biomedical engineering
  • electronics and electrical engineering

Fields of activity:

  • Advanced problems in modern mechanics and materials science, multicomponent and multifunctional materials, nano-materials, shape memory alloys, testing techniques for fatigue and creep investigation of materials, design of microstructure and 2D nanostructure, diagnostic methods for advanced materials, laser technology development for super hard materials, ultrasound diagnostics in materials and structures;
  • Information science and computational methods in mechanics and materials science, multiscale modelling and optimization of material systems, computational intelligence, intelligent technologies in engineering – smart materials and structures, dynamics and control of transport systems;
  • Bioengineering, biotechnology directed to medicine and biomaterials, system biology, bioinformatics, cell signalling and immune response, electrospinning fibers designed to tissue restoration and to drug release, microflows and polymer nanofibers for biomedical applications, ultrasonic investigation and imaging of biological tissues and human organs;
  • Environmental engineering and renewable power energy.


Latest achievements:

IPPT PAN is proud of its publication porfolio. The number of high quality papers published by IPPT PAN’s staff is regularly growing. The data for the years 2018 and 2019 of publications in leading international journals, indexed in the prestigious Thomson Reuters Web of Science database, is 139 and 155 respectively. Among them there are such top journals like: Nature Communication, International Journal of Plasticity, International Journal for Numerical Methods and Engineering, Cell Systems, Bioinformatics, Physical Review Letters, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, Journal of Differential Equations and many others. The list of publications is available on the IPPT PAN website (

IPPT PAN has over 160 patents (the list: and many patent applications are still awaiting decisions of relevant patent authorities.

IPPT PAN participates in many national and international, individual and multi-partner, projects, including the ones funded from the European Union programmes such as Horizon 2020.

Research facilities:

The modern building of IPPT PAN houses well-equipped laboratories with world-class research facilities, including HPC clusters, our own laboratory services centre, microscopes, unique tailor-made at home devices and many others. The list of research facilities is available at:

Contact person:

Professor Janusz Szczepański
Deputy Director for Research
(+48 22) 828 53 73