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Institute of Environmental Engineering, PAS


Name: Institute of Environmental Engineering, PAS

Address: ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 34, 41-819 Zabrze, Poland



Established in 1961, the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences conducts research in several specialties within the scope of environmental engineering, including air, soils, water/wastewater and magnetometry. For over 40 years, the Institute has been a coordinator of many national and international research projects for solving environmental problems, proving its effectiveness at organizing and leading research groups and scientific conferences. In 2008 the Institute obtained a Certificate of Research Laboratory Accreditation from the Polish Accreditation Center.

Disciplines: Environmental engineering, mining and energy

Fields of activity:

Fundamental and applied research in the field of environmental engineering, protection and forming of environment:

  • Mechanics and physico-chemistry of pollutant generation; identification of sources of their generation;
  • Transport and transformation of pollutants in the environment;
  • Methods of control of particulate and gaseous air pollutant emission, including waste free technologies;
  • Methods of pollutants removal from waste gases;
  • Waste management and waste utilization;
  • Assessment of the impact of non-point sources of contamination, including solid waste dumping, on natural environment, particularly the aquatic environment, soil, plants and air;
  • Environmental protection against adverse impact of waste;
  • Technical and biological post-industrial land reclamation;
  • Application of mineral and organogenic materials and by-products for removal of chemical pollutants from water and wastewater;
  • Soil magnetometry as an indicative field method for assessment of anthropogenic heavy metal content in topsoil as a result of industrial and urban dust deposition.

Latest achievements:

Recently Institute has category A and is a member of is a member of the doctoral school run by the Silesian University of Technology. Institute publish the quarterly Archives of Environmental Protection (IF=.188).

Research facilities: Accredited labs/field stations/etc. 

Contact person:

Professor Marianna Czaplicka
Director of the Institute
(+48 32) 271 64 81