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Institute of Chemical Engineering, PAS


Name: Institute of Chemical Engineering, PAS

Address: ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland



Since 1958 the Institute of Chemical Engineering has been forming a sound research base that enables both theoretical and industrial problems to be tackled with increasing effectiveness. Today, ICE PAS is a research center in which a wide spectrum of issues is studied and solved like new gas and liquid separation techniques, biotechnology, nanomaterials and reactor engineering. A special attention is focused on environmental protection. Our researchers are passionate and active people who can collaborate across disciplines. On the whole, ICE PAS provides a stable research environment for talented individuals who are ready to solve scientific problems and apply the results in the society.

Discipline: chemical engineering

Fields of activity

  • novel gas and liquid separation techniques – capture and utilization of greenhouse gases by adsorption and membrane technology, hybrid processes, biogas enrichment and purification;
  • biotechnology – biodegradation of organic compounds, kinetics of microbiological degradation, air bio-purification processes;
  • nanomaterials – synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, materials with multimodal hierarchical structure, microreactors, immobilization of biologically active species in nanostructures;
  • reactor engineering – VOC and NOx reduction in catalytic structural reactors, catalyst carriers, CFD modelling, trickle-bed reactors, heat and mass transfer.

Latest achievements:

Our patent portfolio embraces such areas as utilization of low-concentration gas mixtures, biological reactor for gas purification, modification of nanocomposite material, desulfurization of highsulfurous gases and other national and international patents. Only last two years, our rather small team of researchers published about 40 scientific articles in internationally renowned journals. Results concerning such issues as monolithic microreactors, properties of glassy carbon foamsCFD simulations of thermal flow reversal reactors, cellulose-based poly-ionic membranes in gas separation are among those that were recently published in journals of the highest impact factor in chemical engineering.

Research facilities: labs/technology hall/laboratory pavilion/demonstration installations

Contact person:

Dr. Marek Tańczyk
Acting Director
(+48 32) 234 69 15