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Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, PAS


Name: Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, PAS

Address: ul. Wybickiego 7A, 31-261 Kraków, Poland



In the course of over 30 years of its activity, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute (MEERI PAS) has systematically become an important scientific institution, involved in scientific research in the area of minerals and energy. The mission of the Institute is to provide modern, economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially attractive scientific and R&D solutions for the sustainable development in the field of minerals and energy. This mission is implemented under the motto: Minerals and Energy for Society.

The scientific research as well as organizational, technical and economic activities carried out at MEERI PAS are implemented in the following topics related to minerals and energy: resources – technologies – economics – markets – environment.

The scientific profile of the Institute includes the broadly understood issues of mineral and energy management, starting with the forecasting, identification and exploration of mineral deposits, through their development and the production of raw materials, and ending with processing, enrichment and recovery processes. Research and development activities include also different aspects of the strategy development and assessment of the domestic mineral and energy management, taking into account the newest technological developments and market, environmental, social and legal conditions.

The Institute specializes also in basic studies and applied research in the field of geothermal energy. It is worth emphasizing that MEERI PAS pioneered the use of geothermal energy in Poland.

MEERI PAS provides an exceptional research environment for talented individuals who want to be engaged in solving new challenges in minerals and energy.

Disciplines: environmental engineering, mining, energy, Earth and related environmental sciences, materials engineering

Fields of activity

  • Mining, geology and geoengineering - forecasting, prospecting, identifying, exploring, classifying and protection of mineral deposits, optimizing the management of the deposits, exploitation, enrichment and processing of minerals, valuation of mining projects, assessment of the potential use of waste mineral raw materials and accompanying minerals, recycling of scrap and waste materials, circular economy, minerals policy, forecasting of minerals markets;
  • Energy, including renewable energy - renewable energy sources, especially geothermal, hybrid and biomass sources, development of energy economy models, optimization using mathematical methods, assessment of the impact of national and international regulations on the fuel and energy sector, valuation of fuels and energy projects, energy policy, forecasting of energy markets;
  • Environmental engineering - life cycle analyses and environmental impact assessments, assessment of the quality of the soil-water environment;
  • Applied geophysics - geophysical studies on the assessment of the structure and properties of soil and rock mass.

Latest achievements:

At MEERI PAS, we are proud of our latest research achievements, which include among others optimization of operational activities in the leading underground mines, development of technologies and best practices of geothermal energy, development of databases on minerals management and on fuels markets, development of selected technologies within the circular economy, mathematical models for long-term forecasting of the power industry, technologies of production of synthetic zeolites for environmental applications. Publications devoted to such issues as synthetic zeolites as sorbents, sewage sludge ash uses in fertilizers and construction, use of fly ash as raw material, recovery of REE from phosphogypsum waste, technologies of flue gases reduction in the power industry, alternative fuels for cement industry, holistic use of geothermal waters, underground hydrogen storage are among those that recently have received the highest impact factor.

Research facilities:

Geothermal Laboratory (in Bańska Niżna, in vicinity of the Tatra Mountains), Engineering Geophysics Laboratory,  Environmental Research Laboratory, Laboratory of Waste and Biomass Research (in construction), Laboratory of Engineering Modelling (in construction).

Contact person:

Professor Krzysztof Galos
Director of the Institute
(+48 12) 617 16 19