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Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, PAS


Name: Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, PAS

Address: ul. Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warsaw, Poland



Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences (IGSO PAS) was founded in 1953 (initially as the Institute of Geography PAS). The mission of the Institute is:

  • conducting theoretical and applied studies; expanding knowledge of geography and spatial organization, in particular in Poland and Central Europe (with research topics focusing on the human‑environment relationships as broadly conceived);
  • supporting young employees’ education and upgrading of qualifications at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels;
  • disseminating knowledge on the achievements of Polish geography.

The Institute aims to become a leader among geographical institutions in Poland and Central Europe. With its rich environmental and socio-economic databases, it has the potential to become the strongest center for spatial research in this region of Europe. Competitive advantage is being built here steadily, thanks to highly qualified scientific staff and a complementary scientific and technical support.

Our research departments are actively pursuing cutting-edge topics with a global dimension. Among our academic staff, young scientists with a Ph.D. form the largest group An increasing number of employees originate from other related fields of science or other countries.

The material basis for the Institute’s research activity is provided by high-budget research projects implemented by teams created for this purpose, comprising both IGSO PAS researchers and outside experts employed for the duration of a project.

Disciplines: social and economic geography and spatial management, Earth and related environmental sciences

Fields of activity:

social and economic geography and spatial management – urban and population studies, rural geography, transport geography, regional and local development, political and historical geography, spatial organization,

Earth and related environmental sciences – geoecology, geomorphology, hydrology, palaeogeography, climatology.

Latest achievements:  In recent months, despite on-line work related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute has recorded several significant achievements. These are: obtaining an ESPON (European Territorial Observatory Network) project - Interregional relations in Europe (international consortium), obtaining eight new projects of the National Science Centre (NSC) SONATA BIS (1), OPUS (4), PRELUDIUM BIS (2) and submitting another 9 OPUS and 2 PRELUDIUM projects in the new competition of the NSC, book publication edited by J. Bański, entitled Dillemas of regional and local development (Routledge) and a new contract for an academic textbook entitled Routledge Handbook of Small Towns (ed. J. Bański), preparing for print a report on research of bioclimatic conditions in Polish health resorts. In the first half of the 2020 in total 40 scientific publication were published, 28 of them in English. 

Research facilities:

Field research stations located at: Szymbark near Gorlice, Frycowa near Nowy Sącz, Hala Gąsienicowa in the Tatras and Dobiegniewo by the Włocławek water reservoir (Vistula River Valley).

Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection.

Contact person:

Professor Jerzy Bański
Director of the Institute
(+48 22) 697 88 41