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Institute of High Pressure Physics, PAS


Name: Institute of High Pressure Physics, PAS

Address: ul. Sokołowska 29/37, 01-142 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute was founded in 1972 by splitting from the Institute of Physics PAS as an independent Laboratory of High Pressure Semiconductor Physics headed by prof. Sylwester Porowski. Semiconductors are still the dominant field of research currently focused on III-V nitrides. The first GaN crystals in the world were obtained under high pressure in our Institute. It was an impulse to create a modern Center of Physics and Technology (Strategic Infrastructure GaN-Unipress), in which crystal growth, epitaxial quantum structures (MOVPE and MBE) as well as optoelectronic and electronic devices are studied. In addition, we have developed nanotechnologies based on solvothermal synthesis and extreme plastic deformation, as well as soft matter physics that is used in food processing (Strategic Infrastructure X-PressMatter). Over 100 researchers and doctoral students lead here their fascinating research using high pressure as an important physical variable. A unique scientific equipment is constructed at the Institute to help us to achieve original and well-recognized research results. The Institute is interested in commercialization of its scientific results (6 active spin-offs created).

Disciplines: physics, material sciences

Fields of activity

  • III-V nitrides – epitaxy MOVPE and PAMBE, quantum structures and microstructrures, devices: Light Emitting Diodes, Laser Diodes, Transistors;
  • GaN bulk crystals growth – Ammonothermal (at high pressure) and Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy methods, thermodynamics, phase diagrams;
  • Nano- and micro-powders for medical applications- solvothermal synthesis and sonochemical technology for bioactive bone regeneration scaffold (nano-hydroxyapatite);
  • Terahertz radiation - Study of basic and applied properties, developing innovative instruments and technologies;
  • Plastic deformation under high pressure - Hydroextrusion at low and high temperatures, control of micro and nanstructures of metals and plastics;
  • Soft matter physics – glass physics, food processing.

Latest achievements:

  • 2 inch GaN crystals (ammonothermal and HVPE) with the highest structural quality and controllable electrical properties,
  • micro-LEDs with tunnel junctions,
  • long-living Blue Laser Diodes (PAMBE),
  • InGaN/GaN excitons with enormous electric field and high pressure tunability,
  • high pressure processing of Mg implanted GaN crystals,
  • demonstration the gapless HgCdTe as a material for future Landau level lasers,
  • proving the idea of using wide InGaN/GaN quantum wells as the base for efficient emitters in green-blue spectral range,
  • nano-hydroxyapatite as multi-purpose material in bio-degradable implants,
  • biodegradable cardio-implants (stents) from nano-grain Zn/Mg alloy),
  • construction of high pressure hydrogen containers


Research facilities:

  • Labs of crystal growth and high pressure processing (ammonothermal, HVPE, gas pressure high temperature reactors),
  • Labs of epitaxy,processing and physics of III-N semiconductors (MOVPE, PA MBE, Laser Diode pilot line, TEM, CL-SEM, AFM, XRD, PL ),
  • Labs of solvothermal synthesis and medical applications of nanocrystalline materials,
  • Lab. of extreme plastic deformations under high pressure (control of nanostructure of metals and polymers),
  • Lab. of dielectric studies of soft-matter at high pressure at wide-temperature range.

Contact person:

Professor Stanisław Krukowski
Director of Education Issues
(+48 22) 888 02 44