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Institute of Mathematics, PAS


Name: Institute of Mathematics, PAS

Address: ul. Śniadeckich 8, 00-656 Warszawa



The Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a leading research center for pure and applied mathematics. Our academic staff conducts cutting-edge research in several disciplines, in collaboration with partners from every part of the world. The Institute has a flourishing visitor program, with particular emphasis on postdoctoral researchers, as well as a busy schedule of weekly seminars. The Banach Center, which is a part of IMPAN, organizes conferences and thematic semesters in many areas of mathematics.

Disciplines: mathematics

Fields of activity:

algebraic geometry, differential equations, logic, functional analysis, biomathematics, mathematical physics, differential geometry, statistics and probability, number theory, topology, dynamical systems, non-commutative geometry, machine learning.

Latest achievements:

In recent years our researchers many times have pushed the boundaries of knowledge by solving long-standing open problems, building new theories and pioneering new areas of research in mathematics. Examples include the construction of groups containing expander graphs (, the solution of the embedding problem for dynamical systems ( or participation in the discovery of gravitational waves via the POLGRAW group (

Research facilities:

Central Mathematical Library (,

The Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo

Contact person:

Professor Piotr Nowak, Professor IM PAN
Scientific Director
(+48 22) 522 82 20