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Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAS


Name: Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAS

Address: ul. Kasprzaka 42/45, 01-224 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) acting under the umbrella of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) is the leading research institution dealing with various aspects of chemistry. IPC PAS has the highest research excellence category among research units in Poland (A+), which places us in top 5% of the best research units. 2014, the European Commission granted to IPC the “HR Excellence in Research” award for striving to improve the working conditions for researchers, strengthening recruitment procedure (based on open, merit and transparent principles) and development of professional educational offer for researchers.

IPC PAS hosts multiple interdisciplinary groups that works at the border of chemistry, physics and biology. In such a vibrant environment new ideas are being developed from basic science to applications, including a number of active spin-off and spin-out companies originated from our research. They act in the sectors of medical diagnostics (Curiosity Diagnosics, Scope Fluidics), and equipment for industry (Fluence). Each year, scientific output of the IPC PAS includes more than 200 publications (incl. Nature, Science, JACS etc.) and a number of patents.

The Institute is involved in education of new generation of scientists. It is home for two PhD schools and MSc students are given opportunity to work at the frontiers of science via fellowships offered.  IPC maintains collaboration with more than 40 universities and scientific institutions worldwide, incl. Harvard University, Max Planck Institutes, Ecole Normale Supérieure, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge. IPC also takes part in numerous national and international research projects.

Disciplines: physical chemistry; chemistry inspired by biology/medicine, pharmacy & physics

Fields of activity

  • optics , biophotonics;
  • photochemistry, photophysics and molecular spectroscopy;
  • physical chemistry of solids, soft matter, and surface phenomena;
  • microfluidics;
  • supramolecular physical chemistry;
  • chemical kinetics and catalysis;
  • thermodynamics and statistical mechanics;
  • quantum chemistry, mathematical modeling and molecular dynamics;
  • electrochemistry, mechanisms of electrode processes, corrosion prevention;
  • environmental chemistry;

Latest achievements:

IPC hosted ERC grant and has a chair funded by the European Commission under the prestigious programme “ERA Chairs” (H2020) (CREATE project). Moreover, IPC PAS implements two projects acknowledged by the European Commission under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – NaMeS project dedicated to doctoral programme and PD2PI project designed for postdoctoral fellows.

IPC PAS is a hub for scientific excellence. In 2013 IPC PAS established the Dream Chemistry Award (DCA) contest. It is a very unique contest in which, each year, IPC jointly with IOCB in Prague awards a young scientist for an idea of a scientific project that she/he dreams to solve. In the framework of DCA, Dream Chemistry Lecture series allows young – yet already recognized – scientists to deliver exciting talks that are open to the scientific community in Warsaw.

Research facilities:

fully equipped and flexible laboratory space, state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. fs-lasers at our laser centre, advanced bioimaging with OCT, various surface characterization techniques such as XPS or SEM, advanced spectroscopy etc.), high-precision mechanical workshop, grant office support

Contact person:

Professor Adam Kubas
Deputy Scientific Director
(+48 22) 343 33 56