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Institute of Agrophysics, PAS


Name: Institute of Agrophysics, PAS

Address: ul. Doświadczalna 4, 20-290 Lublin, Poland



The mission of the Institute of Agrophysics is to conduct research for the sustainable production of agricultural plant raw materials in order to ensure food security and mitigate adverse environmental and climate changes. Research and development focus on the key elements of the agricultural system: transport processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, soil and plant quality, adaptation to climate change, food quality and processing of agricultural plants for food and energy purpose. Institute ensures excellent and modern research environment for personal development at various career stages (HR Excellence in Research logo) in agriculture, horticulture, food since and environmental science.

Disciplines: agriculture and horticulture

Fields of activity

  • Climate and agriculture – adaptation of plants to climate change;
  • Soil and plant quality;
  • Microbiome biodiversity in soil and plant;
  • Greenhouse gases emission;
  • Food and bio-based products;
  • Metrology for agriculture

Latest achievements:

Annually we publish about 100 research papers in international highly ranked journals in the area of agricultural and biological sciences, environmental science and chemical engineering. We have patented more than 50 our methods, products and solutions for agriculture, for instance new venues for fruit waste utilization, biopreparations for organic farming, production of ecological rapeseed oil, and tools for monitoring of soil properties. Our achievements have been granted by the highest rank (A+) among research institutes in Poland dealing with agriculture. Successively we increase participation in large EU projects with Horizon 2020 and national strategic projects.

Research facilities:

Research infrastructure has been 100% renewed within last 10 years. At present Institute has more than 20 new laboratories for soil and plant characterization, evaluation of gas emission and  monitoring of environmental parameters.

Contact person:

Professor Artur Zdunek
Deputy Director for Scientific Research
(+48 81) 744 50 61 ext. 103