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Institute of Art, PAS


Name: Institute of Art, PAS

Address: ul. Długa 26/28, 00-238 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences is  an interdisciplinary research institution combining studies and documentation of Polish artistic culture in the field of fine arts and architecture as well as music, theatre, film and audiovisual arts. In addition to the individual research projects, the Institute conducts numerous collective research projects in all the related fieldsAlong with the specialized archive collections and the  library, they constitute invaluable research resources for the entire academic community with respect to the history of Polish art and artistic culture. The results of research work are published in journals, collective studies, catalogues, dictionaries, bibliographies both in Poland and internationally.

The Institute issues five highly regarded academic periodicals, which are among the leading Polish academic journals in their respective fields.   

Disciplines: Art studies (art history, musicology, theatre studies, film studies)

Fields of activity:

  • Art history – research and studies in the history and theory of art and architecture; art criticism in the 19th-21st century; interior architecture; crafts;
  • Musicology – research and studies in the history and theory of music; documentation and research into the Polish music folklore;
  • Theatre studies – culture-oriented comparative studies in the history of theatre and drama; translation studies; multi-faceted studies in drama;
  • Film studies – research on film from the perspective of cultural anthropology.

The Institute:

  • Organises conferences and holds seminars;
  • Conducts active exchange and academic cooperation with similar institutions, museums, and foundations in Europe and worldwide;
  • The Academic Board of IS PAN is authorized to award Ph.D. and post-doctoral (Dr. Hab.) degrees in the field of humanities (art studies).

Latest achievements:

We are proud of being awarded twice in a row (2013, 2017) by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the highest A+ category for the best academic results.

The latest achievements include: a series of monographs devoted to the history of theatre in Poland, monumental editions of the medieval music treatises (in cooperation with the Bavarian Academy of Sciences), a voluminous catalogue of the monuments of art in Poland, as well as prestigious EU research grants: Music migrations in the early modern age: the meeting of the European East, West and South (MusMig; HERA), Sound Memories: The Musical Past in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe (SoundMe; HERA) and Digital Heritage in Cultural Conflicts (DigiCONFLICT; JPICH).

Research facilities:

The Institute offers access to the library and invaluable repositories of historical and modern documentation, such as:

  • The Collection of Photographs and Architectural Drawings;
  • The Sound Collection of Traditional Folk Music;
  • The Collection of Theatre Documentation.

Contact person:

Professor Danuta Kuźnicka
Research Director
(+48) 664 141 330