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Institute of Slavic Studies, PAS


Name: Institute of Slavic Studies, PAS

Address: ul. Bartoszewicza 1b/17, 00-337 Warsaw, Poland



The activity and research agenda of the Institute focus on areas which are a challenge to modern humanities and which play a key role in the development of social consciousness and the preservation of material and non-material national heritage. It is worth emphasizing that IS PAS conducts research on all Slavic cultures and languages as well as their relations with neighbours. The Institute currently implements numerous national and international projects involving researchers from different countries worldwide (undefined). The Research Support Office operating within the structure of IS PAS assists researchers employed in the Institute and from outside (including foreign ones) in applying for various national and international grants. Within the PO WER program we implement a proprietary curriculum for PhD students entitled Humanistic interdisciplinary doctoral studies: borderland, minorities, migration in a sociolinguistic perspective. The Institute remains a part of the Anthropos IPAS Doctoral School. Our Doctoral School offers a comprehensive education program that combines preparation for independent and team research with specialized and interdisciplinary seminars conducted by scholars from Poland and abroad. The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education has ranked the Institute as Category A research and academic unit. ISS PAS, awarded the HR EXCELLENCE in RESEARCH logo, has implemented actions to ensure that research is conducted in accordance with the principles of ethics and good academic practices. We provide researchers interested in cooperation with the Institute with legal and organizational support as well as a sound working environment.

Disciplines: linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, history, ethnology and sociology

Fields of activity:

The Institute is a leader of sociolinguistic research and nationality studies in Slavic territory. It is organised into four departments (Department of Linguistics, Department of Literary and Cultural Studies, Department of History and Department of Nationality Studies) conducting research in the following areas:

  • Slavic cultural heritage, diachronic studies;
  • national and regional identities of Slavic peoples (myths, ideas, collective memory);
  • multicutlturalism, language and cultural contact, borderlands, minorities (linguistic, ethnic, religious);
  • linguistic worldview;
  • Slavic synchronic linguistics: contrastive studies, semantics, cognitive studies, corpus linguistics;
  • Slavic studies around the world, Slavic studies information resources.

The Institute also includes the Zdzisław Stieber Library (holding the largest Slavic studies collection in Poland), the Slavic Academic Information Centre and the Slavic Publication Centre, which issues eight highly ranked journals included in ERIH Plus reference index (all of them in open access), and publishes single- and multi-author monographs.

Latest achievements:

The Institute is currently implementing 12 National Science Centre and 5 Ministry of Science and Higher Education grants, i.a. Beethoven, Polish-German research project. The Institute is a member of CLARIN-PL, a Polish research consortium which is a part of a pan-European research infrastructure CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) and initiated DARIAH-PL (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities). The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange supported ISS PAS projects within the PROM and Welcome to Poland programs which aim to increase mobility of Polish researchers and develop competencies of academic staff and the institutions’ potential to establish and maintain international cooperation. IS PAS employees have been granted numerous awards and scholarships, i.e. Fulbright Senior Award, SMILE, Marie Curie Fellowship and many others. The monography Pod klątwą. Społeczny portret pogromu kieleckiego by prof. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir received several awards (i.a. best publication by Yad Vashem International Book Prize Committee).

Research facilities: library, publishing house, research lab

Contact person:

Professor Nicole Dołowy-Rybińska
Deputy Director for Research
(+48 22) 826 76 88