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Institute of Psychology, PAS


Name: Institute of Psychology, PAS

Address: ul. Jaracza 1, 00-378 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IP, PAS) is recognized worldwide as the leading psychological institute in Poland. Members of the institute conduct ground-breaking basic and translational research. This is evidenced by, among others, the high number of publications per staff member (annually approximately 3) and the increase in their quality as measured by the average journal impact factor (e.g., from 3.08 in 2016, 5.49 in 2017 to 5.64 in 2018). In 2016 IP PAS received the HR Excellence in Research award, granted by the European Commission. Research by the fellows of the Institute has demonstrable impact on mental and physical healthcare, wellbeing, education, industry, business, and policy. For example, the IP PAS was founded in 1980 by one of the pillars of the Polish psychology and the participant of the Polish Round Table Talks that initiated democratic transformation of the country, Professor Janusz Reykowski. He brought his social, political, and personality expertise in research, heralding a significant development of studies in these areas of psychology, both in IP PAS and Poland. Over time, research topics expanded into cognitive, linguistic, evolutionary and comparative, cross-cultural, and developmental psychology as well as clinical and social neuroscience.

Disciplines: psychology

Fields of activity

personality psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, linguistic psychology, evolutionary and comparative psychology, social psychology, political psychology, cross-cultural psychology, clinical and social neuroscience, psychophysiology and experimental psychopathology

Latest achievements:

At the IP PAS, we are proud of our grants achievements, the number and quality of publications with the highest impact factors, our engagement in organization of scientific events and applicative activity.

Research facilities:

Animal Psychology Lab, Infancy Research Lab, Clinical Neuroscience Lab, The Neurophysiology and Neuromodulation Lab, Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology Lab, Warsaw Evaluative Learning Lab.

Contact person: 

Professor MaƂgorzata Fajkowska
Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs
(+48 22) 583 13 80