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Institute of Law Studies, PAS


Name: Institute of Law Studies, PAS

Address: ul  Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Instytut Nauk Prawnych Polskiej Akademii Nauk – INP PAN) is one of the most prominent scientific research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences within the area of social sciences. The Institute, established in 1956, has also been one of the leading scientific centers in the field of legal studies for over 60 years. The role of the ILS PAS is to initiate, promote, conduct and coordinate research concerning the theoretical and practical aspects of the law in the context of dynamic changes within the contemporary world. The Institute employs about 75 researchers (including 30 professors) who address over 20 areas of legal science. The Institute conducts post-graduate courses and Ph.D. studies.

Disciplines: Law

Fields of activity

  • Constitutional law,
  • Human rights,
  • Family law and children's rights,
  • Public international law,
  • Private law,
  • Agricultural and food Law,
  • Criminal law,
  • Criminology,
  • Environmental law,
  • Competition law,
  • Administrative law,
  • Labor law,
  • European Union law,
  • Industrial property law,
  • Polish-German comparative research,
  • Economic crime,
  • Law and the development of new technologies,
  • Scientific Exellence,
  • Legal analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Latest achievements:

  • Several international projects in legal research funded by the EU and other organisations – for instance in the field of criminal law (combatting illicit tobacco trade), human rights (memory laws) and private law (consumers’ rights).
  • Modernization of the open data base on legal publications (e-PBP).
  • Research on legal aspects of modern technologies and data protection – series of books and conferences, as well as post-graduate studies for professionals.

Research facilities:

library, online databases access (eg. Hein online), publishing house, conference rooms, individual working rooms

Contact person:

Professor Monika Szwarc
International Cooperation Cordinator