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Institute of Economics, PAS


Name: Institute of Economics, PAS

Address: Pałac Staszica, ul. Nowy Świat 72, Room 250, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland



The Institute of Economics was founded in December 1980, to conducting economic research and promoting its results. The Institute actively participated in the transformation of the Polish economy from planned to a market economy. The research contributed significantly to a public and academic debate on relevant topics, the workers of the Institute were the key figures in the process of transformation (including the prime minister of government). History shapes the Institute’s present and future. Today it is a place where young scientists and experienced researchers cooperate and lead change. The research agenda encompasses a wide range of theoretical and empirical topics using a variety of methods. Key studies include inequalities and its measurement and Industry 4.0. Additionally, the Institute offers MBA part-time programs that develop skills needed in the business field.

Disciplines: economics and finance

Fields of activity

  • Analysis of economic systems and their changes;
  • Economic policy, including regulatory policy ;
  • Economic theory and methodology ;
  • Energy transition;
  • Financial systems and monetary policy issues ;
  • Industry 4.0 and innovations ;
  • Inequalities and their measurement;
  • International economics;
  • Labour market issues;
  • Network process analysis.

Latest achievements:

Recently, our researchers published scientific articles in internationally renowned journals, which are among them prestigious and with the high impact factor. Publications devoted to such issues as Risk Sharing, Phillips Curve, Inequality and Welfare, Market Structure, Macroeconomics, Organizational Network Analysis. A researcher from the Institute of Economics is Principal Investigator in the international project has been awarded funding in the NORFACE.

Research facilities:

Researchers are supported by Library Staff, Research Support Office, and have access to a room with hardware and software resources to conduct research and journals database. The Institute has 3 conference rooms.   The Institute Library provides print and electronic content.

Contact person:

Professor Andrzej Szablewski
Director of the Institute
(+48 22) 657 27 07