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Polish Academy of Sciences supports the #ScienceForUkraine initiative

The scientific community from all over the world joins forces to help researchers from Ukraine. Particularly noteworthy is the global #ScienceForUkraine initiative, which has already gathered information on over 700 specific support opportunities, including offers from the PAS institutes. The campaign aims to reach the widest possible audience.


#ScienceForUkraine is a grassroots campaign established by volunteer students and researchers from academic institutions from all over the world, including Poland. The aim is to collect and disseminate information about support opportunities at the universities and academic institutions across the world. For this purpose a dedicated website has been created, where job advertisements are posted on a special notice board. Another convenience for users is an interactive map, thanks to which reaching the necessary information takes less time. The offers posted on the website relate to the possibility of further study, continuing research and accommodation.

The employees of the Digital Humanities Center at the PAS Institute of Literary Research are among the initiators of the #ScienceForUkraine initiative. From the very beginning, the action was also supported by the Polish Young Academy. Many of our institutes have already posted their advertisements. 

Anyone can help

Together, we can do more, so we encourage you to support the global #ScienceForUkraine initiative.

  • Share the information and the link to the website with your friends.
  • Follow ScienceForUkraine on Twitter and share its offers on your profile.
  • Add the #ScienceForUkraine banner to your website or encourage your institution to do so (download the ready-made banner).
  • Send the leaflet by e-mail to interested people, especially Ukrainians (download the ready leaflet).
  • Help to distribute printed leaflets at refugee reception desks in your city. For more details, please contact Magdalena Wnuk from the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. 

Support from the Polish Academy of Sciences

Let us recall that the Polish Academy of Sciences has launched a special support program for scientists from Ukraine. We finance their research stays at the PAS institutes. Our proposal met with an overwhelming response. Which is why we are trying to increase the project budget so that more people can benefit from our help.

Moreover, members of the Polish Young Academy of the Polish Academy of Sciences declared their readiness to help their Ukrainian colleagues by accepting them to the existing research groups. In turn, the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences has suspended the delivery of the laser measurements of all Russian satellites.

In addition, we support refugees in the Jabłonna commune by cooking and delivering meals to them every day. Ukrainian citizens can also visit our botanical garden in Powsin free of charge. 

Source of information:, Polish Academy of Sciences 

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