All you need to know about coronavirus


Immunity-boosting supplement to inhibit SARS-VoV-2 infection. Ongoing research

Scientists are working to develop a natural dietary supplement that prevents infection, limits the action of viruses and boosts immunity. The Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences takes part in the international project.


The supplement will contain spermidine and eugenol. These are plant-based substances with potential antiviral properties.

  • Eugenol decreases the viral ability to infect cells. It limits the multiplication of viruses in the cells of the infected host.
  • Spermidine has a proven positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune systems. It plays a crucial role in favoring autophagy (diminished by SARS-CoV-2 infection).

The product rich in the abovementioned substances will be available on the European market at the beginning of 2021. An important element of the project is also the study of consumer attitudes towards dietary supplements and innovative solutions in the fight against coronavirus. Each of us can share their opinion with experts by filling in the survey. Consumer survey is conducted in Poland, Italy and Spain

About project

The SPIN project (SPermidin and eugenol INtegrator for the contrasting incidence of coronavirus in EU population) is powered by European Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT Food to provide supporting measures at the time when works on an effective vaccine against Covid-19 are still in progress.

It is worth adding that knowledge transfer workshops are planned as part of the SPIN project. They are addressed to scientists, food and nutrition experts, health professionals and students of biomedical sciences from Poland, Spain and Italy.

The project is led by the University of Bologna (Italy). The international consortium also includes the PAS Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research and Autonomous University of Madrid.


Source of information and graphics: PAS Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research