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Academic Center for Virology is being created in Łódź

It is established by scientific institutions that during the COVID-19 pandemic have supported hospitals and sanitary epidemiological stations by carrying out tests for coronavirus. Those institutions agreed to conduct joint research and apply for grants. Medical University of Lodz is a leader of the newly established consortium, while the PAS Institute of Medical Biology is one of its partners.


The consortium has been joined by the University of Łódź and the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University in Łódź. All partners have signed a cooperation agreement on July 8, 2020.

Common objectives

The Academic Center for Virology will conduct research on SARS-CoV-2 and other types of viruses. The institutions belonging to the consortium also intend to apply for grants together.

Let us remind, that in March the Institute managed to set up a laboratory that enabled to increase the pace of sample testing for COVID-19 in our country. Every day, between 400 and 800 tests are carried out there. In order to reach higher levels of cooperation, additional funds are needed. Hence the idea to join forces.

The work of the Academic Center for Virology will be managed by a program committee composed of representatives of individual partners. The program committee will be responsible for setting strategic directions for development and ensuring that all activities aim at accomplishment of common objectives.

The role of the Institute

It is worth noting that the Institute of Medical Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences supported the laboratory with the necessary equipment. It also helped develop diagnostic and safety procedures. In addition, PAS researchers were involved in testing for SARS-CoV-2.

Source of information and photos: PAS Institute of Medical Biology