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Joint support for Ukrainian scholars

To assist Ukrainian scientists who have fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) are launching a support program for 3-month research stays at the Institutes of the PAS.



Formal requirements 

  • A doctoral degree (PhD). 
  • Official employment as of February 24, 2022 at a scientific institution in Ukraine (including universities and Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). 

Submission deadline 

  • Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis until the funds provided for the implementation of the program are exhausted. 

Start date and duration of the stay 

  • The start date is set individually by the candidate and the host institution. 
  • Duration: up to 3 months with possibility of extension up to 6 months, depending on availability of funds. 


  • The funding for the stay of scholars from Ukraine at the scientific institutions of the Polish Academy of Sciences amounts to USD 4,100 (in words: four thousand one hundred US dollars) for 3 months, including USD 1,700 for the first month of stay and USD 1,200 for the following two months. 
  • In the case of a possible extension of the stay for the following months, the financing will be USD 1,200 per month. 
  • The funding will be transferred to the host institution in USD. 


  • The application procedure may be initiated in one of two ways: a PAS scientific unit may invite scientists from Ukraine to apply, or a scholar from Ukraine may approach one of the scientific units of the PAS (chosen depending on the area of his/her specialization). Along with the request to the PAS unit, the scholar should enclose a CV in English. The list of the PAS research units is available on this website
  • Once the scholar and the PAS unit agree on the conditions of the stay, the PAS unit then submits an application by sending it by email to: in message titled: Ukraina / surname and name of the Ukrainian scientist / name of the host PAS unit (in Polish)
  • After an eligibility check performed by the Chancellery of the PAS, the applications are assessed first at the PAS, and second at the NAS. 
  • After summing up the scores received from both academies, a ranking list is drafted. 
  • On the basis of the above ranking list, the International Cooperation Department of the PAS informs the PAS scientific units about the allocated funding. 
  • The funding is implemented as a reimbursement of costs, on the basis of monthly debit notes issued by the PAS unit to the Chancellery of the PAS. 
  • Funding is provided in the form of advance payment on the basis of request for advance payment submitted to the International Cooperation Department of the PAS. 

Additional information 

  • Applications should be submitted by a research unit of the PAS only. 
  • The candidate must reside in the territory of Poland, or be able to legally and independently cross the border to Poland. 
  • The substantive requirements (including any required linguistic proficiency in Polish or English) are established individually with the selected scientific unit of the PAS. 
  • General terms of contract are available in Polish only. 
  • Should you have any additional questions and/or doubts, please contact us at:

By applying for funding under this scheme the research unit of PAS accepts the general terms of contract. 



Програма підтримки для науковців з України

24.03.2022 була оголошена нова програма підтримки науковців з України, організована Польською академією наук (PAN) та Національною академією наук США (NAS).

Програма відкрита для кандидатів зі ступенем доктора (PhD) які станом на 24.02.2022 були штатними працівниками українського ВНЗ або Інституту НАН України.

Заявки приймаються на постійній основі до вичерпання коштів, виділених на програму.

Тривалість програми - до 3 місяців з можливістю продовження до 6 місяців (за умови наявності коштів).

Фінансування - 1700 доларів США протягом першого місяця перебування і 1200 доларів США протягом наступних (двох або більше) місяців.

Заявку подає від імені кандидата Інститут ПАН після погодження кандидатури.

Детальна інформація польською та англійською мовами на сторінці Польської академії наук.