Life in a post-pandemic world: Appeal for systemic changes in health care

The PAS Committee on Demographic Studies backed appeal published by the Institute of Public Health. The authors of the position note that ad hoc solutions need to be embedded in a long-term strategic perspective. Epidemics or natural disasters may now become a sign of the times.

Lekarze ze stetoskopem w dłoniach

"‘All hands on deck’ is an obvious slogan in the times of global health crisis. But even then, one cannot stop from thinking about ‘what's going to happen next’ and ‘what's beyond coronavirus’" – we read in the appeal.

"We should bear in mind that, temporary solutions are the ones which last longest. It is always worth thinking what will happen if the today’s measures – which now appear sensible – may well put a brake on problem solving in the future. We are talking about not-so-distant future, when the state of emergency over the epidemic will end" the authors of the document point out.

The appeal was prepared by the Institute of Public Health (Jagiellonian University – Collegium Medicum) together with the CASE Science Foundation and the Advisory Board of the Polish Society of Public Health. Experts have outlined 10 steps necessary to implement systemic changes in health care.

The PAS Committee on Demographic Studies supported this position. "The current pandemic, as well as the growing threat of emergence of new diseases and the recurrence of existing infectious diseases (signaled in mortality studies from the last two decades), as well as the decline in the life expectancy of Poles (observed since 2017) require a fundamental change in the approach to the role of the health care system today, when struggling with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, as well as tomorrow, preparing for a new reality, " emphasizes the committee.

Source of information: Committee of Demographic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences